when it rains it pours lol

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      ya i know downswing happens, but i just lost about 20 of my last 24 games. and to be honest probably 8 or 9 of those games I did make a stupid call/ bet to bust myself out, but the rest.... sigh... exactly 7 times I busted out with KK all-in on the preflop, once I was called by AA, ok fine, but the rest were hands from AJ to A4... and got flushed out by QJx on one of those all-in's, ick.
      last game i played, pushed with ATx and the other guy whos had the same stack as me busted me out with... 82 on the bubble. lol so i'm down to about 19 dollars now. so i'm gona try to play KK not so strong anymore and see how that goes. It pisses me off how I just there fold for 30 minutes and get busted on the first hand (KK) I play, blah.

      so the last game i played, folded til push and fold stage, pushed with QQ, and called by AK, flop came A6K,
      next hand automatic all in cause i'm in blind with A6, buddy at sb has QQ, sure enough Ace didnt come lol

      AA raised 4 times BB, someone raises all in with T9s, 3 spades on the flop, Im down to 2 times BB,
      very next hand A7x, I pushed
      called by 55, and flops 4 of a kind 5's
      Is that bad luck? lol the more i lose the more i wana play! =P
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