6max Openraise Chart too tight?

    • Grisuuu
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      Hey Guys

      i am playing the 6max SNG at 888 Poker, and i am using this Openraise Chart, i was wondering if this one may is too tight??

      i am not so comfortable playing postflop Spots so thats why i prefer open tighter Range. In Fact at these Games Raises often get called and therefore i am finding myself out of Position often, Cbets get called a lot.

      UTG: 77+,AJ+,KQ
      HJ: 66+,ATs+,AJ+,KQo,QJs
      CO: 44+,A8s+,AT+,KTs+,KJo+,QTs+,JTs
      SB: 22+,A2s+,A7o+,K7s+,K9o+,Q9s+,QTo+,J8s+,JTo+,T9s,98s

      So what u think is this too tight ( loosing EV) or is it fine?

      Thanks Tony
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