Clearing Poker Welcome Bonus - Which Room To Choose?( NL25-$1k BR)

    • LooooN
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      Hi guys,

      I've tried to search for a similar thread but I haven't found any. I am wondering which poker room to choose in order to clear their welcome bonus. I wanted to try playing on Party Poker but since they changed the rules and the HUD is not more possible to use there, I changed my mind. My BR is over $1050 and I've been mostly playing at NL25 on PokerStars.
      Basically, I want to choose the best poker room to clear their welcome bonus. I plan on playing NL25 there and once I finish the bonus I want to move somewhere else. I have also played on FTP and Titan Poker. What poker room do you think is the best for this purpose? Thanks for your advice in advance.
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