Deposit Skrill > Wie lange dauert eine Überweisung auf ein PS Konto?

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    • Volrath89
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      Dieses ist das Englische Forum :P

      Du könntest eine email an Stars support schreiben... sie sind normalerweise super schnell!
    • Harrier88
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      Originally posted by Floppy77 (translated)
      Skrill deposit > How long does a deposit to my PS account take?

      Hi, I've been waiting for a few minutes already and I still don't see the funds in the cashier. Since when does it take so long at PS? Or do I have to be worried now?
      Hi Floppy77,

      Looks like you made a post in the EN forum by accident, but that's okay.

      Normally, Skrill deposits to Pokerstars should be completed nearly instantly. Maybe there is a delay due to technical difficulties at Skrill or Stars this time, but that's hard to tell.

      As Volrath89 recommended, you could try contacting Pokerstars support if the money still hasn't arrived yet. They should be happy to sort it out, or at least tell you what's the cause of this delay.