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Why do I play this game...

    • Freaky304
      Joined: 12.04.2008 Posts: 63
      I really have to take a break from poker This happened within 5 minutes on 4 different tables...

      Dealt to Hero: Q :heart: Q :spade:
      Dealt to BB: 6 :club: A :diamond:
      Dealt to CO: 3 :club: 3 :diamond:

      Hero posts SB, BB posts BB
      MP folds, MP2 raises to 300, MP3 folds, CO raises to 770, BU folds, Hero raises to 1500, BB raises All-in(380), MP2 folds

      Flop(Pot: 3100):
      3 :heart: 3 :spade: Q :club:

      Turn(Pot: 3100):
      6 :heart:

      River(Pot: 3100):
      8 :heart:


      Dealt to Hero: A :heart: J :spade:
      Dealt to UTG: Q :diamond: 9 :spade:

      Hero posts SB, BB posts BB
      UTG raises to 500, 7 folds, Hero raises to 2440, BB folds

      Flop(Pot: 3240):
      6 :diamond: 9 :club: 9 :heart:

      Turn(Pot: 3240):
      Q :spade:

      River(Pot: 3240):
      10 :spade:


      Dealt to Hero: A :diamond: A :spade:
      Dealt to BU: 8 :heart: 9 :heart:

      SB posts SB, BB posts BB
      Hero raises to 100, CO folds, BU calls 100, SB folds, BB calls 80

      Flop(Pot: 310):
      4 :heart: 10 :heart: K :diamond:
      BB checks, Hero bets 280, BU raises to 2000, BB folds, Hero raises All-in(590)

      Turn(Pot: 3180):
      6 :heart:

      River(Pot: 3180):
      9 :club:

      This one is my absolute favorite :) I already knew it was going to happen pre-flop.

      Dealt to BB: 7 :diamond: 2 :spade:
      Dealt to Hero: Q :diamond: Q :spade:

      SB posts SB, BB posts BB
      MP2 calls 10, MP3 calls 10, CO folds, Hero raises to 50, SB calls 45, BB raises to 1560, 2 folds, Hero raises All-in(1390), SB folds

      Flop(Pot: 3080):
      K :club: 7 :heart: 3 :heart:

      Turn(Pot: 3080):
      5 :club:

      River(Pot: 3080):
      2 :club:


      Dealt to MP3: A :club: K :spade:
      Dealt to Hero: J :club: J :heart:
      SB posts SB, BB posts BB
      MP3 calls 40, Hero raises to 1360, 3 folds, MP3 calls 1320

      Flop(Pot: 2780):
      5 :heart: 4 :club: 2 :club:

      Turn(Pot: 2780):
      A :diamond:

      River(Pot: 2780):
      5 :spade:


      No no the fun aint over yet

      Dealt to SB: 2 :diamond: A :heart:
      Dealt to Hero: Q :spade: Q :club:

      SB posts SB, BB posts BB
      Hero raises to 200, 2 folds, SB calls 180, BB folds

      Flop(Pot: 440):
      A :club: 2 :club: 8 :heart:

      Dealt to Hero: K :diamond: A :diamond:
      Dealt to MP: 5 :diamond: K :club:

      Hero posts SB, BB posts BB
      2 folds, MP calls 40, MP2 raises to 80, MP3 folds, CO calls 80, BU folds, Hero raises to 280, BB folds, MP raises to 720, 2 folds, Hero calls 440

      Flop(Pot: 1700):
      2 :spade: 6 :heart: K :spade:

      Turn(Pot: 1700):
      8 :club:

      River(Pot: 1700):
      5 :spade:

      I made the hands shorter to save space but you get the message all hands where all in somewhere along the line and all where the same outcome I lost.

      Ow and I got an ace king cracked also by duece seven can't find it in my hand history but it went like this he called my raise

      Flop: A K 7

      I raise He re-raises I go all in he calls

      Turn: 2

      River: 2

      thank you very much for calling me with crap....
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    • Cagey75
      Joined: 22.07.2008 Posts: 96
      AJos all in pre flop? Ok, other player had worse, but AJos doesn't have any right to go all in either, bingo you were playing and got unlucky.

      The AA, well, that's the hand you needed to all in pre not raise 100 to let any 2 cards in, and with 2 hearts you knew there was always a chance. Kick yourself and get over it, I get much worse daily.
    • Freaky304
      Joined: 12.04.2008 Posts: 63
      Hehe I know there was a chance and it's not the one hand but just the combination off all within 5 minutes.

      And I know AJo is not a premium hand but the blind was 300 so I had 8BB with UTG only having 1 1/2 BB he had to push everything the chance that he had 2-7 there was the same as him having AK. I pushed AJo more as a call then an all in as I knew that the Tight BB would fold in 90% of the times (giving me a 1 1/2 BB risk I think thats worth pushing AJo for).

      Agressive? yes. Risky? Maybe. Stupid? Don't think so. If BB and me where the only ones left ICM would say push and the 1 bb that UTG raised to go all in was nothing really. I'll post that hand completly in the hand evaluation section but i'm pretty sure I made the correct play there :)

      And for the rest I just needed to vent today I had 2 major suck outs
      JJ versus QQ and AA and JJ versus KK and AA both hitting my set on the flop so I know deep inside luck comes and goes but I just needed to vent some frustration to get my head in the game again so I thought what place better then the downswing forum where all people come with bad beats :)

      Ow and I COMPLETLY agree on the AA that was a terribly played hand on my part but well if you have a losing streak you don't see so clearly ;)
    • Harold1
      Joined: 09.11.2008 Posts: 140
      At least i feel better after the suck-outs that hit me today.

      I can laugh again. Hahahahhahhahaha!

    • Freaky304
      Joined: 12.04.2008 Posts: 63
      Hey if my misery get's you to laugh it was a few well spent dollars ;)

      luckely my graphs tell me i'm slightly climbing after a 2 day downswing :)