Using HM2 in PKR

    • djemby
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      I'm about to open an account in PKR and I have heard some rumours that HM2 can't be used in this poker room because the hands can't be imported correctly.
      Is that true?

      Thank you very much in advance
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    • tonypmm
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      It can be used fine for cash games - just install HM2's beta (build and older, but you'll need an October build if you're going to play at Stars / FTP as well, to comply with their rules).

      The only nuisance with cash games is that there's no preferred seating and the HUD will place boxes in wrong places if you're in different seats (different o'clock positions) at different tables. If you happen to be in the same position at all the tables, though, then you can position the boxes correctly by clicking the arrows in the main HUD box (the one that contains settings menus):
      As for tournaments, the HUD can't be used efficiently unless you're 1-tabling (and you'll have to invoke Table Finder in any case). The issue is that PKR doesn't write the tourney name into either the hand history file or the table title bar, so if you try to place the HUD on two or more tables with Table Finder, you'll see the stats jumping from one table to another. If you're fine with seeking the stat box of a player all over the screen (sometimes at tables where he's not sat), then you can make use of the HUD, otherwise just close HM2, (ideally) Skype and browsers while playing (to speed the computer up - PKR's client is rather resource-intensive even in the Lite mode) and import tourney hands after the session.

      Also, as the buy-in and winnings aren't written into the tourney HH file, you'll have to set a default buy-in for imported PKR tourneys and won't be able to distinguish between different buy-in levels, so you most likely won't be able to track your tourney winnings properly in HM2 and will have to check your balance and game history at PKR's site/client itself.

      Of course, no other HUD is going to support PKR in the near future.