4 way 3bet pots (deep stacked)

    • FrozenElf
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      What bet sizing should I use in this situation?

      I am planning on starting to use a 30% bet size what do you think about that?

      This situation has a arised 3 times in the last week and ive lost a 300bb stack each time and I believe it has something to do with the sizing I have chosen
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    • Lazza61
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      Hey FrozenElf,

      I'll move this to the "No Limit" board where it will more likely be seen.


    • Hesticus
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      Hi FrozenElf,

      It depends then what you have. When you have trips+, it should be pot size+ bets in my opinion for maximum value. Overpair x/c, highest pair x/c or x/f when re-raised, draws depends on the situation and board texture. All others I would fold.

      Hope this helps, good luck at the tables!
    • thazar
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      Position in multi way pots is as ever very important and so is board texture and finally reads and stats on opponents.
      Then I normally 3 options on an unopened pot:
      • Check - usually mean I have nuts on a non drawy board vs aggressive players or I give up
      • Small bet (20-40% pot) - varies, usually use vs regular as it allows me to maximise my range, induce in some case, bluff more etc, I normally barrel
      • Large bet (around 75% bet) - setting up for 3 street barrels, including river shove, on drawy boards or vs fish. again with a polarised range, if I think boards misses villain's range completely or with nuts type hands.
        I may or may not barrel depending of cards that come and how they hit villains range and mine.

      I hope this help. This is basic. Each situation is unique and you have to adapt to it. having a game plan is good but the key is adapting to the situation. there is no one size fits all in poker ;)

      best of luck