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      GroentjeBE here, back from loooong break. I'm 28, from Belgium. I got started with pokerstrategy way back in the day. I made 8k from the 50 dollar i received from pokerstrategy. Took me long tho, about 1.5years. After that i got pretty sick of the swings since i kept all my bankroll and kept playing with it. I was working for small change compared to the daily swings i had. Now i'm motivated again and want to give it a go. I'll be starting low with about €250 and i'll be grinding both cash (10nl) and mtt's (max €5 bi). I'll be playing a combo of Stars and Labrokes (200€ bonus). I wanna focus mainly on Ladbrokes and just play those huge low stakes turbo's on Stars. Any advice? I already noticed that the general skilllevel has risen compared to 4-5 years ago.

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      ps: can i use my old points for anything?
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