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    • ggeshov
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      Hello guys, I don't know if such a thread already exist, so I apologise in advance if it does.

      Recently I've read an article that promotes the idea of loosening up your standard playing range bit by bit in order to play more hands and begin participating in more post flop play. This also includes loosening your 3bet, playing OOP HU and 2barreling range. By doing so you would improve your game by being put into uncomfortable spots that you are not used to be in. It even goes further and proposes that you go to the lowest limit possible and play 100% of the hands.

      So do you agree with this idea or do you think that its better to play TAG style?

      My opinion is that against fish it's definitely better to exploit your edge by playing more pots against them but then again, even against players that are better than you, if you play more hands against them, sooner or later you will get used to it and catch up to them I guess...
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