I really hate mansion

    • phullhand
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      after stay as a chip leader with more that 3x second stack, in four minutes I lost this SnG $2:

      Me x Villain

      A8o x A5o - lost
      ATo x AKo - lost (flop JT2 river K)
      KQo x 82o - lost
      TT x AQo x A5 - lost

      I successfully withdraw $50 some weaks ago.. I cant see the time to cashout the other $150... I'll never play there again
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    • Corrupted666
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      I started playing on mansion again and i find it the same,constant bad beats. You could try the cashgames ,but you'll end up playing a table of shortstacks. I quite like the Zagreb Sng $2.40, cheap enough and plenty of donks, tonight i lost with with a turn full house to a players rivered straight flush, really had to turn the mp3 to chill out.
    • 514DISCO
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      I have played in many sites; FullTillt, Pokerstars, Pacific Poker, Pokerroom and now Mansion, there is always bad beats no matter what.

      The only thing that’s regular is; they seem to hurt the most when we are playing out of our bankroll.

      Mansion bad beats are no more different than the other sites so and I know you heard this before;

      nurse that bankroll & play within your limits and those bad beats won’t seem like much.

      Good luck though.