PT4 Not Finding Full Tilt

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      You should have a look at this guide:

      To double-check your PokerTracker4/Full Tilt configuration you need to:

      1) Be sure when installing Full Tilt that you choose "English" if offered the option;

      2) That in Full Tilt you've set "Save my hand histories" under "Options -> Instant hand histories..." and note which directory Full Tilt intends to put them in, then

      3) Once you enable that option play a couple hands at a table (without PokerTracker4) so that Full Tilt will create that folder;

      4) Using the guide I linked above be sure that the directory PokerTracker4 will look for new Full Tilt hands in is the same one you noted in step #2. Use the "Add" button, not "Auto Detect".

      Also while on that tab make sure the "Get Hands From Site While Playing" has a check mark.

      And if this is for Rush games you'd want to see this section of the guide above:

      Then after taking a seat, click "Play Poker -> Get Hands While Playing" and you should see your hands being imported (and the HUD appear shortly after).

      Incidentally you could still see a "not installed/configured" message but if things are otherwise working now you can ignore the message.