How to play when ITM

    • viewer88
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      How do you guys play when you have only 3 players left in your sng?

      I generally push a bit tighter and call a lot looser.
      The reasoning behind that would be that you have less FE, so shoves become less +$EV. I call looser because I dont have to be afraid of the bubble anymore, and should play for first place. So I put my money in the pot when I feel my hand has more equity.

      I would :heart: to see a video or article about this subject (hintedie hint? :P )
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    • cannell555
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      Hi viewer88,

      Do the already exhisting video's not explain how to play at this stage? I would think that most of them do

      When calling bets at this stage, remember $EV and chip EV are completely different.

      I'll forward your feedback for a new ITM video, to the top dawg. Thx for the feedback!