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[NL2-NL10] NL6$, last night's session

    • Maniatrix
      Joined: 01.11.2008 Posts: 674
      Hello, I will put in the crucial hands from last night's session and I hope someone would take their time to look through some of the hands I post here. I do not know how to convert hands so I had to write the hand history manually. Here it goes:

      They are all 10 handed by the way

      Hand 1: Was this too loose of a call? I tend to call with trash from the big blind.
      UTG+1 (5.94$)
      SB (6.20$)
      Hero is BB (6$) with K:spade: 9:spade:

      UTG+1 Raise 0.24, SB calls, Hero calls

      FLOP (0.72): 6:club: 6:heart: 2:spade:
      SB checks, Hero checks, UTG+1 bets 0.24, SB folds, Hero folds

      Hand 2:
      Hero is UTG (5.98) with A:diamond: K:diamond:
      UTG+1 (5.52)
      BB (6.24)

      Hero raise 0.24, UTG+1 calls, UTG+2-SB folds, BB calls

      FLOP (0.72): Q:spade: 3:club: A:heart:
      BB checks, Hero bets 0.54, UTG+1 raise to 2$, BB folds, Hero calls 1.46

      TURN (4.52): J:heart:
      Hero checks, UTG+1 betts 3.28 (all in), Hero calls 3.28

      River (11.08): 7:diamond:

      Hand 3: Was I beat here or simply floated by a flushdraw?
      CO (4.01)
      Hero is SB (5.95) with A:club: K:diamond:

      MP1 limps, MP3 limps, CO limps, Hero raise to 0.45, BB folds

      FLOP (1.03): 9:heart: 5:heart: 5:spade:
      Hero bets 1.03, CO calls

      TURN (2.99): T:spade:
      Hero checks, CO bets 2.61 (all in), Hero folds

      Hand 4:
      UTG (5.82)
      MP1 (5.76)
      SB (6.87)
      Hero is BB (6.00) with K:diamond: Q:heart:

      UTG minraise 0.12, MP1 calls, SB calls, Hero calls

      FLOP (0.46): K:heart: 5:spade: 6:spade:
      SB checks, Hero bets 0.36, UTG minraise 0.72, MP1 folds, SB folds, Hero calls

      TURN (1.83): 5:diamond:
      Hero checks, UTG bets 1$, Hero folds

      Hand 5:
      MP1 (5.64)
      CO (5.86)
      BU (6.75)
      Hero is SB (5.16) with K:club: J:club: , didn't get time to refill

      MP1 limps, CO limps, BU limps, Hero limps, BB checks

      FLOP (0.29): K:diamond: 8:heart: 5:club:
      Hero checks, BB checks, MP1 minbets 0.06, CO calls, BU calls, Hero calls, BB fold

      TURN (0.52): 7:spade:
      Hero checks, MP1 bet 0.12, CO fold, BU calls, Hero calls

      RIVER (0.86): 3:diamond:
      Hero checks, MP1 bets 5.40 (all in), BU folds, Hero folds

      Hand 6:
      UTG (5.66)
      Hero is MP1 (5.85) with 3:club: 3:heart:
      MP2 (3.49)
      CO (6.91)
      BU (2.58)
      SB (4.36)
      BB (7.34)

      UTG limps, Hero limps, MP2 limps, CO limps, BU limps, SB limps, BB checks

      FLOP (0.40): 4:club: J:spade: 3:spade:
      SB minbets 0.06, BB calls, UTG calls, Hero raise 0.70, MP2 fold, CO calls, SB fold, BB fold, UTG fold

      TURN (1.90): 2:heart:
      Hero bets 1.90, CO raise 6.15 (all in), Hero calls 3.19

      RIVER (11.58): 4:heart:

      I know it is standard not to post results but this was just wild, highlight to see:
      CO shows Jack of hearts, 7 of diamonds

      Hand 7:
      UTG (2.61)
      UTG+1 (8.01)
      Hero is UTG+2 (11.34) with A:spade: A:heart:
      BU (0.13)

      UTG limps, UTG+1 limps, Hero raise 0.30 (yes mistake I clicked to fast, should be 0.36 I lose some profit on that error), BU calls (all in), UTG calls, UTG+1 calls

      FLOP (1.07): 6:heart: 6:diamond: 4:spade:
      UTG checks, UTG+1 checks, Hero bets 0.53, UTG folds, UTG+1 calls

      TURN (2.08): Q:diamond:
      UTG+1 checks, Hero checks (tried to induce a river float, it did not work)

      RIVER (2.08): K:heart:
      UTG+1 checks, Hero bets 1.04, UTG+1 calls

      He was obviously a calling station so I should have extracted much more value out of this I know that. Turns out he had a 4 in his hand and figured it was worthy to call all the way with. I should get better at reading people, bluff induce will of course only work against aggressive players.

      Hand 8:
      UTG (2.58)
      UTG+1 (4.90) read, MANIAC
      MP3 (9.15)
      Hero is BB (13.34) with A:heart: Q:club:

      UTG limps, UTG+1 minraise 0.12, MP3 calls, Hero raise 0.42, UTG folds, UTG+1 calls, MP3 folds

      FLOP (1$): K:spade: 8:club: J:diamond:
      Hero bets 0.60, UTG+1 minraise 1.2, Hero folds. Was this a bad fold against a LAGG?

      Hand 9: (two hands after the one above)
      CO (2.07)
      Hero is BU (12.29) with A:diamond: Q:heart:
      BB (5.96) read, MANIAC

      UTG limps, UTG+1 limps, UTG+2 limps, MP2 limps, CO limps, Hero raise 0.42, BB reraise 0.78, folds to CO, CO calls 0.78, Hero calls 0.78

      FLOP (2.57): 2:spade: J:diamond: A:heart:
      BB minbets 0.06, CO calls, Hero raise 1.36, BB calls, CO fold

      TURN (5.16): K:club:
      BB checks, Hero bets 3.82, BB fold

      Now that was just one table from that night. My stack was 15.30$ when I left the table after 5 hours. I think it is more reasonable to say that it was more due to the lack of skills among my opponents than any skills of my own, since I have quite a few holes to fill. I simply waited alot, I basically just played these hands plus a few pockets and suited connectors that didn't hit and got folded on the flop. I would say my most questionable preflop call was the first hand, K9 suited. I have a tendency of wanting to play when I first sit down at the table.
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    • excelgeo
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 1,107
      ok let me attempt this but consider the fact that i am by no means a great judge of hands, just my 2 cents

      i will assume you are not playing SSS
      1: it is a little loose indeed. the guy is betting from an early position which indicates strength. on top of that you are completely out of position post flop and K9s its a tricky hand. the thing about it is that even if you hit a pair you wouldnt know how to play it. It all depends on your read on the guy and quite a bit of luck.

      2: i think you played it right, placed a continuation bet on the flop. now you got someone who raised. again it kind of depends on how the guy has been behaving. to raise from such a position so strongly i think hes got AQ or KQ or KK and he thinks he is busted. either way, laying down top pair with top kicker is hard and once you called you had to see it to the end.

      3: good play, good fold. AK means nothing if you have not hit the flop. he has got something, and dont forget any pair beats you. even if he doesnt you sometimes have to fold what could be the best hand.

      4: tricky one, i think that since you only called made matters worse because he now had control of the hand, you should have min-reraised him preflop or at least bet on the flop just to put you in driver's seat as he probably had A9 AT but i may be completely wrong here.

      5: again, has he slowplayed you? or did he hit a set? I think you check too much and so put others in control and then get easily intimidated by shoves.
      you fold to a river ALL-in quite a few times even with top pair top kicker.

      6: nh. you slowplayed him great there with the nuts. which teaches me a lesson on self discipline and makes my last comment seem a bit stupid at the moment.

      7: i think you could have extracted another buck for sure. should have carried on on the turn and squeezed him on river as he would have been more invested in the pot (but not pot committed)

      8: i dont honestly know because you have seriously missed and it is obvious that if you call the guy will have shoved by the river. just fold and wait for a pair to punish him later on.

      9: nothing wrong with that had, i would have probably made it a little more inviting to call, maybe $2.8 on river? not like you picked up a bad pot

      my verdict is that for the time being keep playing like that because you need the confidence and as time goes by calling big bets on the river will come naturally if and when it feels like the right move.

      generally these levels are easy and you play a decent game. i would say be less intimidated but if you pick up 2 1/2 stacks every 5 hours you should be pleased.

      good luck at the tables, i hope it was half helpful.

      or correct.

      we will let the judges decide

      ps. hand converter:
    • Coreprime
      Joined: 24.06.2007 Posts: 368
      hi !

      Please post a maximum of 3 hands per thread and Im sure youll find converters for nearly every pokersite here in this forum or in google.

      Hand 1:
      K9s is way too often dominated, you play fullring and he raises from UTG, its an easy fold preflop and as played also easy fold on the flop

      Hand 2:
      Preflop is fine, call Flop is fine too, he can raise you with a weaker Ace. If you shove the flop all in you might scare these weaker Aces away.
      J on the turn is not a good card since it complets a gutshots or could make him a 2pair.
      But I think you can call the turn since the pot is already pretty big

      Hand 3:
      Raising an extra BB cause you are oop is ok preflop.
      Contibet is fine too, maybe you can bet a bit less, doesnt make a difference.
      He can have a flushdraw, a 9 or a pocketpair and puts you on overcards by calling the flop. His donk on the turn is strange but you just have A high and he can easily have a pocket, a 9 or a T, so fold is ok.

      Hand 4
      Calling the minraise is ok preflop
      I like the flop donk since the board is drawy and you are 4 handed so you wanna take the pot down on the flop.
      His minraise looks suspicious, but he gives you very good odds so I would call the minraise on the flop since you have TPGK.
      I would fold the turn, not because of his bet, but because you will often have to call a riverbet and I think this get too expensive for a calldown without knowing where you stand with your hand. He can easily have you dominated.

      Hand 5
      Preflop is ok, since your oop. IP I would raise it for isolation.
      Its likely that you have the best hand on the Flop, against 4 opponents you have to protect it, even though its dry ! You also want value from Kings with worse kicker. I would bet the flop to take it down or get headsup.
      Given the fact that you checked, I would raise his minbet on the flop.
      c/c turn is ok cause you are still in a multiyway pot and someone might have you beat now.
      River is an easy fold

      Hand 6
      preflop is fine, raising the Flop is fine too cause a J will call and with so many opponents someone might have a flushdraw or a J
      turn complets A5 and 56 but your still often ahead so leading the turn is fine, you dont want to see a spade or another card that complets a onecard straightdraw on the river.
      Calling his shove is fine too, even against a straight you have outs and he can easily have 2 pair, flushdraw + pair or trash

      Hand 7
      Preflop is ok (you mentioned that you missclicked)
      Flop is very save for your rockets, but you can bet a bit more to build the pot.
      Turn is another easy 2/3 ps valuebet. No need for bluffinduce on this limit.
      River you should bet more, again at least 2/3 ps, you want value !

      Hand 8
      Preflop is fine since you have a read you are ahead of his range with AQ.
      Flop is fine too, K high board is ok for a contibet, but even if hes a maniac, he could have hit that board cause there are 2 broadways.
      So fold is ok, no need to go to turn with just a gutshot and its likely that he bets the turn again. Just wait for a better spot. youll get his stack anyways.

      hand 9
      Preflop is fine cause of the read you have.
      You hit your Ace on the flop so its standard to go broke in the reraised pot against this maniac. Here 1/2 PS bet is ok cause you will get it in anyways and this way he might be a bit more willing to call, which he did. NH
    • Maniatrix
      Joined: 01.11.2008 Posts: 674
      Thanks for the comments guys, helps alot to see where I am at. I think I have gotten much of the natural loose calling out of me that I started the game with, now maybe I should get a little more aggressive in certain situations and a little less in other situations.

      Hand 2 was actually a split pot against another AK. So we both lost to the bank.

      By the way I could not find any hand history recorder for Pacific Poker, I checked at flopturnriver and searched via google. Had the same problem when I was playing at Ipoker, except Ipoker had tons of nits as well. Pacific seems to be more of a maniac territory :P
    • Escientist
      Joined: 18.07.2007 Posts: 1,618
      Hand 1 : do you want to play a dominated hand OOP ? Fold.

      Hand 2 : c/fold turn, AQ/AJ beat you now.

      Hand 3 : no contibet, a PP won't fold here.

      Hand 4 : fold preflop, fold to minraise on the flop with less than TPTK.

      Hand 5 : you have to bet the flop when you hit TP good kicker in a multiway pot.

      Hand 6 : nh.

      Hand 7 : bet half pot on every street for value.

      Hand 8 : nh.

      Hand 9 : checkbehind turn for potcontrol and bluff-induce too since he's a maniac.
    • TribunCaesar
      Joined: 29.04.2007 Posts: 13,264
      pls post only one hand per thread, that way you will get more detailed answers and it's easier to evaluate for us judges.

      1.fold preflop.

      2. nh!


      4. b/f or c/c one streets.

      5. b/f all streets.

      6. nh

      7. b/b/b all streets



      Best regards,
    • Maniatrix
      Joined: 01.11.2008 Posts: 674
      pls post only one hand per thread, that way you will get more detailed answers and it's easier to evaluate for us judges
      I will remember that, thanks for the help.

      fold preflop, fold to minraise on the flop with less than TPTK.
      Fold KQ to a minraise? A minraise usually means a small pocket pair or something marginal. If the guy had aces, kings or queens he would go all in straight away. Yes, it was that type of player, I had already seen him do it on another table where a donkey called him with TT. The more I think about it, the more I think he had KQ himself as well or pocket sixes and hit his set.