Dragging and placing the HUD on the right position at the table

    • adelaar
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      My PokerTracker HUD is not well positioned at the table.
      I have a central seat at Pokerstars.

      Only 3 HUDs are placed at the corresponding players.
      The other 2 are placed at not-corresponding players.

      Furthermore the HUDs are positioned above/over the stacksize of the players and over the betting-amount.

      So I can not see anymore what is going on.

      When I had the trial version I could drag the HUDs to whatever position at the table I wanted.

      But now with the bought version I cannot drag the HUDs.

      Does anyone know how and where I can solve this problem.
      How can I drag the HUD to the right positions on the table?

      I hope someone knows the solution. Thanks in advance for your help.
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