Win cash just for getting dealt aces at PKR!

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      Earn a bankroll-boosting win at PKR this month just for having aces in the hole!

      Get dealt one or two aces for the rest of October, and you could win an instant prize of up to $100 plus two leaderboard prizes of up to $1,000!

      Don't forget that Sunday, October 25 is especially important, as any points you earn will count towards both remaining leaderboards.

      How do I get involved?

      • If you haven't done so already, create an account at PKR and take advantage of their welcome bonuses
      Opt-in to Chase The Ace by filling out a claim form on the promotion's landing page

      Daily cash prizes

      Playing just 10 ring game hands at NL25 or higher on any day this month could net you up to $100 instantly!

      Simply get dealt pocket aces in your first 10 hands on any day until November 01 and win a cash prize:

      Pocket Aces Dealt In...Cash Prize
      Your first hand $100
      Your first 10 hands $10

      $10K Chase The Ace leaderboards

      Play any PKR poker game* from now until November 01 and you'll earn leaderboard points according to the following structure every time you're dealt an ace:

      Hole CardsLeaderboard points
      Pocket Aces 10
      One Ace 1

      *Note that ring game hands eligible for the leaderboards must be played at NL25 or higher (heads-up tables excluded), while SNG, Jackpot SNG and MTT hands will only be counted at the $1.50 buy-in level and above.

      Leaderboard NameDates
      $10K Leaderboard #2 October 18-25
      $10K Leaderboard #3 October 25 - November 01

      Leaderboard prizes

      Each leaderboard awards a total of $10,000 across 300 cash prizes to the top performers:

      1 $1,000
      2 $800
      3 $600
      4 $500
      5 $400
      6 $300
      7-8 $200
      9-10 $150
      11-20 $100
      21-30 $75
      31-50 $50
      51-70 $30
      71-100 $20
      101-150 $15
      151-200 $10
      201-300 $5

      PKR's terms and conditions apply to this promotion and may be changed at any time.

      If you do not have a PKR account yet, take advantage of our first deposit bonus and click here to create one.
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