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Mr Mardy Bum: Daily Tracker

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    • MrMardyBum
      Joined: 14.03.2009 Posts: 2,235
      Starting Roll: $13.90

      Day Two: +$14.95
    • MrMardyBum
      Joined: 14.03.2009 Posts: 2,235
      Starting Roll: $28.85

      Day Three: -$8.43
    • vonki
      Joined: 18.03.2008 Posts: 6,091
      whatcha playing?? GL!! :f_thumbsup:
    • MrMardyBum
      Joined: 14.03.2009 Posts: 2,235
      Hi Vonki,

      Depends what day I turn the PC on... Just playing a little of everything right now... Mainly Spin & Goes plus 6 max zoom... But have played a few MTT's and standard cash... Just trying to get back in the swing of things. Want to play next year so thought I'd get a couple of months practice in. :)

      Starting Roll: $20.42

      Day Four: -$5.07
    • MrMardyBum
      Joined: 14.03.2009 Posts: 2,235
      Needless to say that that little bankroll builder went just about nowhere!

      But this has left me pondering what to do about Poker. I love it but as many readers in this forum will probably already know is that I quite often dip my toe in, make a few $'s or lose a few $'s then be on my merry way for a while. Obviously I don't blog about every time I return to the tables. But a lot of the times I do.

      So I've come to the conclusion that I don't take it seriously enough for me to advance in the way that I wish to. I start out all confident and rarely start a blog until I have a pretty graph and a few thousand hands under my belt. If I win, I withdraw usually, buy a few life improvements or toys, for fear of losing what I have won.
      When I lose I either bust or withdraw what's left.

      I can't live without giving this a real shot before I seriously consider calling it a day and maybe play the odd 1 Live MTT when the mood strikes. I have a terrible habit of making plans overly thought out and difficult and when things happen to make me deviate from that plan I just write it off instead of just making the required adjustments and plodding along.

      So for a long time I've easily had the excuse my life got in the way, but as it now stands. My life is good. Just recovering from the financial mishap of having no income for the last 3 months, then I should be good to go.
      I have a wonderful girlfriend who has now put up with me for 7 months whom I now live with. She's funny, smart, witty and generally happy. Of course she is also stunning and was my best friend for 2 years previous to this relationship, and apart from the obvious, we haven't really changed in our attitude towards each other. We do everything together whenever we can.

      I have now managed to land myself a job with GREAT prospects, a nice SALARY, and a host of all other benefits. It's still in the bar industry but in a more relaxed setting. I am missing the night club life, but at the same time. I enjoy the normal work hours (as normal as they get in this industry). Now the latest time I can finish is the time I was starting work at the nightclub. And the chance to get my own venue within a couple of years is actually a realistic target as long as I can push forward and not become complacent.
      So I plan to have real attempt at Poker again over the year of 2016. To start I will give myself the following realistic and achievable goals:

      + Be in profit
      + Stick to bankroll
      + Play 20 hours in first month
      + Review sessions

      + One graph upload per week
      + Stas upload once per month

      - Try sticking to normal tables - No Zoom and no stupid amounts of tables.
      - Play set sessions about 1 hour long
      - Make proper notes on opponents

      I do like to see my bankroll healthy as well and going towards a new level, so I will deposit $100 per calendar month if losing, and match my $'s won if in the green upto $100. This way I make decent jumps towards my next level most of the micros (<$50NL) and eventually (Fingers crossed) break free of them.
      That means most I can lose if I fail to make profit is $1,200 which translates to around a days work per month. (£84 per day i get roughly get paid - $100 (atm) is £69). I'm not going to invest the full amount because of two reasons: I need other things with that cash (Priority on a tumble dryer and new sofa) and I need to learn current trends and practice.

      So that's my plan heading forward and the goals for January, however I am going to deposit $100 now, I will still deposit $100 in January and start at the level my bankroll allows. This month I will only follow simple bankroll rules:

      <10NL (10 BI)
      10NL (15 BI)
      >10NL (20BI)

      See you at the tables.