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      Exploiting players

      Hello, let me say first of all im no master and this is fairly new stuff to me, since I just followed basic hand charts etc, I would like to take playing vs the player types a step further for myself, since im already doing this I would like to do some revising to make it less likely that I make mistakes when trying to exploit other players.

      This is based on 6max

      I would like to start of a discussion about exploiting players based on when we are BTN or CO vs a tight UTG MP or CO open, vs each different style of player I believe we have to take a different approach first I would like to discuss about tight players.

      correct me if im wrong here:

      UTG - 12%
      MP - 15%
      CO - 20%

      When we see huge deviations over a large enough sample, is 1000 hands adequate enough? We can start exploiting this. The first thing I would like to mention is that our actions have to depend on the player and his tendencies, so lets look at player types, that we can exploit.

      Tight passive
      Tight aggressive
      Loose passive
      Loose aggressive

      Tight aggressive

      These are usually good players, although there are a lot of tag's that are also weak players.

      First of all we need to separate a good tag from a bad tag what should I look out for?

      How often they cbet the flop,
      do they set mine and just fold vs a bet.
      they multi barrel bluff trash BB vs SB
      they bluff PPs after set mining, when we check back for pot control, (there not thinking about our checkback range) sometimes multi barrel bluff these hands.
      what hands they deceptive 3bet and who against, when and why do they squeeze and what hands?

      In anycase if something is our here somewhere i.e he deceptive 3bets another player that doesn't fold to 3bets with a 74s a 3 gapper, witch is terrible idea, since it really shows his 3bets have way more bluffs in them then value.

      We need a balanced 3betting range of an equil amount of bluffs and value vs a good tag.

      Can you see anything wrong or would can you add anything?

      In anycase, Tags fold a lot more to 3bets so we can use more deceptive 3bets vs these players, rather then calling preflop, can we call with a stronger range lets say suited broadways if they fold a lot to cbets, or cbet bluff to much, in order to play reraise or steal when they check?

      Lets go back to deceptive 3bets - What is our plan when they call, since we have postion do we cbet bluff if so what flops can we do this on? There range is strong, if we hit a draw on a low flop what do we do check or bet? What should we do differently if a bad tag or a good tag calls
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