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      Joined: 07.12.2008 Posts: 37
      My name is Chris and I am 28, I am a tree surgeon in York, UK.
      I have been playing Hold'em (L and ,mostly, NL micro-stakes) and Omaha(pl) for a couple of years now, I started, fell head over heels in love with the game and now am addicted. My dream job would be proffessional poker player! I have loosely studied the basics like starting hands, table position, different player types and for the most part managed to get by without going bankrupt. I tend to pay heed to sklansky and know the basics of keeping out of danger but my game, up until now has been very raw, changeable and unstructured,and involves a lot of intuitive odds calculation lol as opposed to REAL odds calculation. I knew what they where but not how to work them out, calculate them and how to implement and use/apply them in decision making/game. if you can understand what I mean? I lose and win and lose and win but never break past the small bankroll I started with. I have understood the importance of odds and outs and strategy all along but was just so confused by the mountain of facts and figures around. And the fact I am not the best mathematician made it all the more daunting. I have read the begginer strategy articles and this has proved an amazing, eye opening experience. I am so glad to have found this site. I hope to improve my game, make some friends and become a valued and active member of your community in the future.
      So for now I will just say "hello everyone",
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    • delete461
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      Hi Chris

      You have come to the right place, if you take the time to study the articles here thoroughly they will help your game immensely.

      This site doesnt just offer strategy articles - you will also find instructional videos, live online coaching sessions and experienced, successful players in the forums happy to answer any questions you have about the game.
      Take full advantage of everything on offer.

      Good luck
    • SoyCD
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 6,356
      Hi THEDEATHSTRIKER and welcome ;)

      I'm glad you've managed to learn a lot so far and hope you continue doing so.

      A great way of improving which you certainly should take advantage of are our hand evaluation boards! If you use tracking software such as the PokerStrategy Elephant to keep track of your played hands - you can easily post the ones you are unsure about or lost most money with in the forums to make sure you are playing them well.

      Hope to see you around!

      Best regards,