How hard can it be??!

    • HansieRocks
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      Hi everyone,

      I know...

      It's so hard! I think I have a decent understanding of the basics of poker and play ok most of the time. I will build my bankroll, multiply my buy in by 5, 7 or 10 and... then I lose my patience and try to become the next poker millionaire and lose it all in 20 minutes.

      Anyway, I am here to talk to people in the same boat. You're ok at poker (NL Ring Games, 6-max or full ring, any stakes from micro to high) but for whatever reason you hardly ever cash out.

      So let's share our experiences, motivate each other, keep each other sane and on the right track so we all become winners! And multi millionaires!

      Looking forward hearing from everyone!

      Melbourne, Australia
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