Castle93's back, and I've gone gold!

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      Hi All,

      Some of you may remember me (probably only Gary now if he reads this:f_drink: ), and some of you will have seen on me on the hand evaluation forums. A link to my old blog is below as a reminder. I've started playing more regularly again and have just gone back to Gold on here (Silver Star on PS)! As I'm becoming more active I wanted to introduce myself again.

      I started missing poker a little so decided to deposit £20 on PS to have a mess around. I started playing $0.50 45 man turbos and then moved up to $1.50 (I wasn't really using proper BRM, just having fun). After a bit I moved to playing NL5 6max and pretty much starting using my equivalent of Tankroll BRM (before the article was released). Worked my way up to NL25, but felt the BRM was too aggressive. I found the $100 swings too much. Now I'm playing NL16 with a much more reasonable BR.

      I'm currently playing NL16 6max zoom along with tournaments when I have time. The reason I won't start a blog is I don't use tracking software at the moment which doesn't give me much content for a blog. I only have my work laptop at the moment, so most of my hands are played 1 tabling zoom on my phone. I borrow a laptop sometimes to multi table tournaments at weeks but not enough to warrant getting tracking software.

      I look forward to seeing more of you around!


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