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    • Delftdirk
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      My name is Dirk from the netherlands and i am32 years old.
      I joined pokerstrategy 2 days ago.
      To keep good track of my poker improvements i decided to start this poker blog right away and update it regurlarly.

      Yesterday 13-12-2008 my $ 50,- came into my titan account, so thats € 37.35
      Because i had a real tourney yesterday evening with some friends i didnt have much time to play yet
      I only played a couple of hands so far and i am up about € 1,- :D
      (its a start :) )

      For strategy i am planning on sticking to the basic strategy guides for at least 1 week and reading them every day.
      I am thinking of joining at least one of the coaching events this week
      After that week (i will have the basics in my head then) i will read up on all the bronze articles
      Also i am gonna spend a lot of time on the forum reading up on other peoples stories.

      If anyone has tips or advice for me it will be more then welcome
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    • Gerv
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      Hello Dirk!

      Nice to see you are starting a blog for yourself and share your experiences with others!

      I am looking forward to your progress.
      As an addition, you asked for Tips well, you are a lucky Dutch guy since you can follow three basic SSS coachings per week!

      on Sunday from 18:30 CET till 20:00 CET, there will be an English SSS coaching done by Ingol
      on Thursday from 21:00 CET till 22:30 CET, there is a Dutch SSS coaching done by Me and DeKuip

      And on Friday, Ingol will have another SSS coaching from 17:00 CEt till 18:30 CET

      Apart from Playing and Studying, it is very good to see how other players play SSS and you can also ask questions. Moreover exclusive SSS material is available when you join the coaching :)

      Good luck on the tables and I hope I see you in one of those 3 coachings!
      Best regards,

    • Delftdirk
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      Thanx for the info Gerv
      I will try and join the one tommorow to start with.
      Is CET our time (dutch) ?
    • Gerv
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      CET is our Timezone yes :)
    • Delftdirk
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      Today i decided to try a tourney at titan poker
      I joined the $ 2000,- GP Freezout
      There where 954 players total when we started
      I saw that the first 100 players would be in the prices so i made it my goal to be at least top 100

      From i downloaded the "ps_pdf_sng_einsteiger_en.pdf" en i read it untill the tourney started

      While playing the tourney i found it very hard not to play in my old style and play hands like A-9s or J-Qs or hands like it.
      I managed to stick by what i learned here and didnt make more then 2 mistakes playing stupid hands.
      Finally after about 2.5 hours of playing there were only 100 players left and if i would have finished then i would have made $ 1,- profit

      Fortunatly for me it didnt end there and things got better and better.
      I went all in with aces and got called by jacks and doubled up and things were looking real good
      At some point i saw that i was in 9th place with my chip stack
      Only 40 players were left and i was in real good shape
      Then i got involved in a hand that still hurts thinking about it
      Just take a look for yourself
      Bad Beat :(

      What happend here ?
      I was in early position with my jacks and i wasnt really sure what to do with them
      I was scared to go all in because i didnt want to go out here because the main price was $ 630,-
      I didnt wanted to fold them either because jacks are a pretty good hand
      So i decided to limp in :(
      I got called by 3 players
      On the flop i got another jack and i went all in

      I think if i would have gone all in from the start the guy with the sevens would have prob folded his hand to me and i might have ended up in a better place

      Anyway i am still very happy because its clear to me the strategy from pokerstrategy is really working for me and i have gotten further then i normally do in tourneys
      I ended up in 33th place and made a $ 11,01 profit
      33th place

      I cant wait for my next tourney :)

      untill my next update,

      Dirk M