FR stats analysis... need advice!

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    • Hesticus
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      Looking to your general stats, I see you have most trouble with blinds play. There is a lot to say about these spots and I would definitely recommend you some books of how to exploit opponents on these positions. To be more specifically, I think you play too aggressive on SB and too passive on BB. Although you see that aggressiveness pays off better than being passive by looking to your stats, so you can assume that there is some kind of truth in it and you could do something with your aggression line. I would try to defend my BB by 3-bet wider when facing a SB raise.

      Your WTSD and W$WSD are very good, good job! However, looking to your C-bet and your W$WSF are low. I think you could C-bet more up to 60%-70%. This way, your W$WSF and Flop Agg (which should be around 35%-40%), will increase as well.

      All other lines are fine IMO.

      Hope this helps. Good luck at the tables!
    • T3rMiT3
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      Thank you Hesticus for the reply! ;)
    • Aerox232
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      dont play SB so much, 3bet more from BB and BTN