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      Hello fellow humans!
      I have been playing poker sporadically for a few years, playing half a year/not playing for a year.

      I started playing about five years ago and did not particularly well, though eager to learn (which I didn't). Two on and offs later i did pretty well ending up playing nl10 regularly. As always, a time came when sets got beat by higher sets, bluffs never worked and common sense seemed to be a scarce commodity. I ended up loosing almost my whole bankroll.

      Last time I tried the game of poker I did better! Taking shots at nl25 which started promising. But again, when the dark times of variance (which wasn't, I was just playing really bad!) my bankroll was down at 30 bucks......

      At the moment I'm home quite a lot, taking care of our puppy and studying. So I thought "maybe I can play some poker aswell". So with 30 bucks on my account, and a few more videos watched here on pokerstrategy I was fit for fight! :f_drink:

      What have I learned from last time?
      I have noticed that I had some tremendous leaks!
      - I wasn't enough aware of position
      - I couldn't tell a good board vs a bad board for c-beting
      - I couldn't fold river vs a raise

      There are of course more leaks in my game but these are the biggest ones! After I realised these and adjusting my game I immediately started making profit :truestory:

      Why am I making this blog?
      Well hopefully this will keep me motivated and not making any stupid things along the way.

      :spade: :spade: :spade: :spade:

      So coming down to goals and stuff..

      Bankroll management

      30$ -> 100$ nl2
      100$ -> 200$ nl5
      200$ -> 600$ nl10 (I will move down if I loose 5BI)
      600$ -> ??? nl25 (Have not thought about this very hard, but hopefully will be taking shots at nl25 this year atleast)

      I guess I should have some volume goals aswell, but it's difficult with puppy, studies and what else. Will see in a month or two :f_grin:

      Bankroll: 168.45

      How my nl5 is going so far:

      Not really sure what to have in the pic..

      That's about it I think... wish me best of luck! :f_biggrin:
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      What to say about this day...

      My girlfriend was not home today and the dog was very tired. My studying was at a constant rate of 0% so I played a lot! It was a few sessions during the day. It started of really good! I was up about 8BI. But unfortunately another leak came to show itself:

      - Not knowing when to stop playing...

      So I ended up loosing almost all profit, playing tired and hungry... :ayfkm:
      The last shittyness was under EV by almost 1BI (Not much for comfort though).

      Anyhow, results of today:

      :profit: : 7.17$
      Bankroll: 140.40$ (purple is the new BR color, so nice... wow)
      The reason I have profit but still BR went down is because I made the blog including the prior profits of today.
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      My new morning routine

      My girlfriend goes up pretty early in the morning, and the dog with her. I get up a bit later and take the dog out and play with her for a while. After this she's tired again and sleeps for a bit. I eat breakfast during this time and from now on I will be reviewing some of my biggest winners and loosers meanwhile. I was thinking going through my hands played 3 days ago, so they're not so fresh in my head. A session will follow :f_grin:
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      better to go trough hands played that very same day because you remember other stuff such as your thought process at table and timings and table image
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      Thanks for your input! I was thinking that maybe still other things would affect my thoughts during the review the same day. But I guess it's better to be able to have the things you mention in mind.

      So yesterday I played a session which started in the same fashion where I left off the day before... after 1000 hands I had lost 3BI and after 2500 hands I was down 5BI. Right about here I pulled my sh*t together and managed to win back most of it ending up with a loss of 1.93$, soooo.....

      :why: : 1.93$
      Bankroll: 138.45$

      After checking through some hands I noticed that I sometimes still choose to c-bet on pretty bad boards...

      I'm going to work this weekend so probably no poker at all.
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      Yesterday I played a short session which ended up in red unfortunately. I reviewed the biggest hands and I noticed that I have adjusted my game with TP in a good way. Overpair though is a bit overplayed, which caused the red numbers...

      So results of yesterday:

      :why: : 7.88$
      Bankroll: 130.44$