Story of a challenge with Micro-stakes Zoom, ocasional MTTs and Spin&Go

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      Hello all

      I am an 31 years old guy, full-time software engineer, and I have 2 kids.
      As you can imagine I am playing "recreational" poker but with some BRM and game studying.

      I play poker mainly to maintain my mind sharp, and to have better decision making systems ready also in other aspects of life.
      I believe it also helps controlling emotions and analyze real-life situations better.

      I do not mind winning some money out of it, I take shots at MTTs, but that is not the main goal - If I would make it primary, it would affect my game and well being, I guess.

      Even if I have little time to invest in poker, I want to take all the actions required to be good at it.
      And this is my first step towards the community. I guess in any domain, eventually you need to get there - community helps getting to the next level.

      I have at the moment a sample of about 50.000 hands at NL10 zoom with win-rate of 7bb/100.
      I have also about 5000 hands at NL25 - there I was up 5 buyins in a single session, until a set of coolers in the same session, which brought those down and now is a bit negative at NL25.
      I made session review - from all that downswing I could've saved probably 40 USD if I was very conservative in some decisions - the rest were clear setup hands (full house vs quads, AA vs KK - KK win :) set over set and flushes beats) the EVdiff of that session was also +70.

      This is not my first time having downswings and the sample is only from this year - this is when I started playing it more seriously, plus I feel like I overcame some mental barriers.

      I decided to start this thread to expose my plan and to followup on progress and situations to see if community indeed brings value.

      Here it is:

      Currently I have 200 usd and I could invest more (1k would be top where I would quit poker if lost), but only if I feel it is required and I am not just spewing money.
      I was very cautions before each deposit not to put back money spewed on mistakes, but deposit back only those from clear coolers.
      I also made some cash-outs in the past.
      In the previous years I had my fair share of mistakes and luck (good and bad), I played over my BR for a while I did spews, playing too long in downswings, biking some tournaments, etc - everything that you can imagine, but never gambling money that are not "fun money" - I also never intend to do that - I rather quit poker.

      Now I just wanted to challenge myself to deal with this bankroll of 200;
      Tankroll BRM strategy seemed fine but I was not able to deal with some swings there - I just do not want to put myself in such stress because I see no "life +EV" out of it.

      I adapted that strategy a bit, to have less impact and I want to do the following:
      Main focus is on Zoom (2 tabling):
      180 - play NL5
      200 - play NL10 (stop after 3 shots lost)
      320 - play NL16 (stop after 3 shots lost)
      450 - play NL25 (stop after 3 shots lost)

      Spin&Go occasionally - considered pure luck and adopt pure Nash
      I will play occasional spin&go 0.50 stepping up in limit once I win one and stop when hit 10 or more.
      (e.g. play 0.50 win - play 1usd win - play 3 usd win, play 5 or 7 usd - if won, collect and go back - or consider playing again if multipliers were big enough to leave profit more than 10 - invest in other spin only what is above 10)

      I buy 11 usd tickets from points and I play almost only turbos because I do not have time - The Hot or Hotter usually. On weekend I might play Sunday Storm
      Also I play as many times I can the big prizes 1+Rebuy
      When I start a tournament session I do not mix with Zoom - I also take on a side few other turbos of like 2.70 knockout, 2.20 and occasionally a 4.40.
      I also try 1.65+ Sunday million satellites - I take the money not play Sunday Million (I won 4 of those in the past, I believe they can bring value).
      In some weekends I have time and I play Hot 2.20 or Saturday Splash - basically buy-ins of 2.20 with fewer bigger buy-ins, max 4.40.
      I usually do not play more than 4 MTTs at a time.

      I assume that following this strategy I have chances of getting broke of less than 10% (didn't do any math, just pure assumption :) )
      Am I right? Do you think I could get to 1000 in about 50k hands?

      Of course a bink will be nice anytime, that is why I take shots in tournaments - you never know...

      I am looking forward to hear your opinions about my plan, I am going to update from time to time with progress and session reviews.

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      Here is also my current graph - looks decent, I know, but it is only from this year since I started doing it properly.
      You can see how in the last part the Allin EV gets above showdown with a lot :)
      Good I have the red line going pretty steady :)

      And here are some numbers:

      I know, they look pretty good at a glance, but can get bad really quickly as the NL25 just did :)

      Looking forward to hear from you with what you think about the probability of hitting 1000 usd in 50k hands and about the fact that I have less than 10% chance of getting busted.

      May the flop be with you!
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      I guess I added this in the wrong section.. I am moving everything to Your Poker Blogs.
      Beginner in the community.. :) What would you expect...

      How can I remove this from here? A moderator maybe can help...