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Poker Patience is a Virtue

    • ctstro66
      Joined: 02.11.2015 Posts: 1
      Here’s a great example of poker patience. I found myself needing to make a critical decision with 15 players left in the tournament. I have to finish at least 8th to cash. A player I hadn't been playing with very long made a preflop raise from the big blind. I had previously limped in with A6 suited so I called his raise. The flop comes 6 6 4. The raiser makes a continuation bet and I smooth call him. The turn comes 5 and the raiser shoves allin. As he was a new player, I had limited intelligence to go on. He had only made one previous preflop raise. In that instance he also continued on the flop and the turn, only to back off on the river and showed a 3 4 offsuit. Knowing this is a hand he raised with previously now makes me wonder if he has 2 3 or 7 8 and turned a straight making my trips no good. I’ve got him covered, but if I lose this hand, I’m crippled and will have a tough time battling back to make 8th and the money. I probably had him beat, but decided to wait for a better time. Patience is truly a virtue. The very next hand, I’m dealt pocket kings which I use to more than triple up my stack. Later on, I have another shot at the same player. He again raises preflop and I call with KJ suited. I flop a flush draw and he makes a small continuation bet. I call and turn the flush. He bets into me again and I smooth call. He takes another shot on the river for most of his remaining chips. I raise him all in and knock him out of the tournament. I end up finishing 3rd for the tournament, all because I had the patience to wait him out. The point of any tournament is to finish in the money. Patience got me there.
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    • ferrye
      Joined: 15.10.2008 Posts: 40
      I would easily call that shove. He has big pocket pairs just too many times, maybe he went crazy with AK.
      You don´t mention your stack sizes, important information.

      "The point of any tournament is to finish in the money".
      - I would say the point of any tournament is to Win. What if you made the call against that shove and won that hand, maybe it would give you enough chips to finish 2nd or 1st.

      But you are very right about patience. It`s one of the cornerstones to be a winning player in poker.
    • Gawdless73
      Joined: 11.09.2015 Posts: 76
      Patience is very important of course, but goal 1 of a tournament is to win it, followed very closely by option 1A which is to make sure you at least cash.