Hi everyone!

I had a long break from Poker but recently I was hooked by Spin & Go's and managed to get a decent sample size of over 5000 Spins with a ROI of 5.7%, but I had no Idea what ROI numbers you would expect. A friend of mine was so kind to program a console application called PokerSpinner, which runs x tournaments y times with a specified winrate and returns the probability of a specific ROI. You can specify the prize structure and some other variables in a config file so you can also simulate different formats like FullTilt Jackpot Tables. The application is also multi threaded, so you can run big numbers in a reasonable time.

Below is a screenshot where I ran 10000 times 5356 tournaments with my winrate of 38.5%.

The application is available as a Project on Github and you can download the application and play around with your own numbers!

We just wanted to put this out here for everyone whos interested in getting an impression of how variance can impact the ROI by playing around with different numbers.

Happy Spinning! :)