PokerStars Skimming profits from Deposits?

    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Hi all,

      So I've just deposited £50 onto PokerStars UK and it told me that I would be credited with $75.00 exactly. I thought it was weird but figured it must be within a few pence, PokerStars wouldn't screw me.

      Oh how I was wrong :(

      So I check my cashier and I have the $75, all is well. I then choose the "Convert all currency to £" and they offer me £48.76. What the ? They're clearly skimmed the £1.24 for themselves.

      So I check the rates it shows on cashier and see UK to UD is 1.5386 which using my £50 deposit should be $76.93. I then choose the option to convert whatever funds I need from USD into UK to make it £5, that showed $7.70 > £5 which is about right based on that conversion rate, I swap it back and get $7.69 and lost out on 1c, that's understandable.

      So they're using the correct conversion rates in the software, so where did the other 2.5% of my deposit go? Am I missing something here?
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