Microstakes SH cash games HUD

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    • Svinhugg
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      A matter of taste of course.

      Name / Played hands
      VPIP / PFR

      is the necessary ones.

      3Bet / Fold to 3Bet
      CBet / fold to CBet

      is good to have

      Agg factor / Agg%
      WTSD% / Won SD%
      steal / fold to steal / squeeze.

      is stuff that you want have there.

      I have divided my HUD into 2 panels so it is easier to place on different tables. One can differ font size, decimals and color to make stats of different importence to have different readability.

      Here I have all percent values capped to 99, no decimal. The color coding represents different things but I don't wan't to put poor choises in your head, but they represents things like normal, loose aggressive and so on.