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Pride issues

    • jgallegos
      Joined: 21.10.2015 Posts: 3
      Hey, This dose not happen all the time, but enough that I feel it is a serious leak in my game. So ill just get right to it.

      I find myself playing very well, making almost text book plays against various types of opponents. I will get a player heads up. Most of the time someone I know I can outplay w/ anything. Then that player shows slight aggression. At this point I still feel like I can steal the pot from them. They continue. Most of the time here I figure out I am beat and make the lay down, but sometimes this is where I get into trouble, at some point during the hand my pride takes over and I refuse/ can't see that I need to lay down the hand. And I keep going and basically give away my stack now to villains value bet. Some time I am able to stop the bleeding there and re focus but most of the time I get tilted @ this point and just become that guy that we all love.

      Has anyone had this issue and conquered it or in the process of conquering it? Any advice would be helpful, and appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,

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