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      Hello guys, I'm RedMageViera, a new fish... I mean... recreational player that loves poker and wants to learn new tricks, strategies, you name it, in order to improve my game.

      I'm currently playing micro NLHE SNG @Stars, but I'm interested in play micro PLO SNG as well.

      I was looking for a nice forum to meet new peeps and learn. While watching jamiestaples' stream, this site was recommended. So nice to meet y'all and I hope to have a nice time here.

      See ya'.
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      Hello and welcome!
      Although PLO and PLO8 are two vastly different games strategy-wise, I would recommend if you want to play tournament Omaha to go with O8. PLO is more of a cash game, while O8 is more of a tournament variant. Also, there are alot of mixed-game tournaments which would require you to know how to play Hi-Lo games and a solid understanding of O8 would help :f_thumbsup:
      GL :f_drink:
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      Hey RedMageViera,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy.com :welcome:

      Where are you from? In fact, why don't you get yourself added to our Member map. You never know, the nearest PokerStrategist may live right next door. :f_p:

      Don't forget to check out our free money offers. This will cost you nothing and will give you lifetime Bronze status.

      Bronze will give you a tracked room to earn SPs, the ability to send friend requests and PMs through our community tool as well as opening up more strategy and videos.

      I can also recommend you take a look at Collin's Sit 'N Go Crushers Academy.

      If you have any questions for us, then please don't hesitate to ask. :f_thumbsup:

      Have fun :gl: