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Can I clear 100$ bonus left, if I deposit some of my own money?

    • BeNNji7
      Joined: 23.10.2008 Posts: 2

      Because I lost almost all of my 50$ starting capital, wich Poker strategy deposit me on Manison poker(just around 0.30$ has left on my account), I was thinking how should I clear the other 100$ bonus if I don`t have any more money on my account...

      So I have a few questions to ask.
      I`m not quite sure how much time I have to clear the other 100$ bonus on Manison poker room? 1 month or 3 months?
      When I passed the quiz I read that if you don`t clear all bonus money(100$) in a period of time, Poker strategy take all money that has left on your account back!
      So I`m wondering, what if I deposit some of my own money on Manison poker but I don`t succeed to clear all 100$ bonus in time...
      Would PS in this case also take 50$ back if I wouldn`t clear all bonus in time?
      And, should I use the same bonus code(PS150) also now, when I will deposit my own money on Manison poker account?
      What do you recommend me more. That should I deposit some money on Manison poker and try to clear all 100$ bonus left, or that I deposit my money on one of the other poker rooms using Poker strategy bonus code(PS150)?

      Thank you for all your help and advices in advance!

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    • SoyCD
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 6,356
      Hello BeNNji7,

      To your individual points: You have 3 months to collect 5,000 Club Points which are needed to clear the Starting capital. The retracting of the starting capital after 3 months should not have any affect on money that you deposited on your own. The only problem you might encounter is that Mansion doesn't might give you problems cashing out any self deposited money due to you still having this uncleared bonus.

      On the plus side there are two things: First the $100 bonus lasts for 6 months. Second when you make a first deposit - without needing to enter any code you will receive a 200% up to $600 first deposit bonus. You will have 2 months to clear this bonus which also clears at $10 for every 650 points.

      To your second question: it is really your choice at which site you want to deposit. As I said above you will also receive a first deposit bonus at Mansion. If you decide to deposit elsewhere be sure to NOT use the PS150 code. Our first deposit bonus code is usually PSVIP and you can find the specific instructions on the "Home Page" where all the rooms are listed.

      On a side note I have to amend that I highly recommend becoming more active in the forum - especially in our hand evaluation boards! If you use tracking software such as the PokerStrategy Elephant to keep track of your played hands - you can easily post the ones you are unsure about or lost most money with in the forums to make sure you are playing them well. Also be sure to read articles, watch videos, and to follow bankroll management. If you deposit and play with your own money - then be sure to not throw it out the window by playing 'good poker' which we will gladly help you learn ;)

      Best regards,
    • BeNNji7
      Joined: 23.10.2008 Posts: 2
      First I would like to thank you SoyCD for all your help and answers you gave me!

      If I understand you correctly the only problem is that Manison poker could
      cause me problems cashing out my money before the first Poker strategy bonus(a.k.a. starting capital) does not expires?
      This isn`t any big problem, because I usually don`t play poker so much for now, so I won`t be in such a rush to withdraw my money, because (I hope that) I will play with that money wich I will deposit at least unit both bonus won`t expired or longer.
      So if I will get my money back when the bonus expires there is no problem for me. I only hope that I will get my money back then, because I read on this forum that Manison isn`t so reliable with withdraws...?

      But I have another problem now. When I won to deposit money on Manison I check out my account and saw that the PS bonus will expired on 26/12/2008. I get money from PS on 27/10/08 so that means that this bonus last only less than 2 months(not 3) so I didn`t deposit money because it`s no option that I can get more than 6000 points(as it says in my account) in a few days. I have collected for now more then 600 points but I still needed too much points wich I can`t collect them so quickly.
      But if I understand you correctly, if I deposit my money now, the first 100$ PS bonus will last for six months and won`t expired yet... Is this true?

      So as I understand you, if I deposit my money before PS bonus ends, I will extended time when this 100$ bonus will end and have 6 months to cleared it up.
      I will also receive a 200% up to 600$ bonus on my first deposit but I won`t be able to withdraw my money before the bonuses won`t expired(so around 6 months) but than will be able to withdraw it?
      I hope that I understand you correctly and if this is all true, there is no question that I will deposit money on Manison, but I would like to hear your confirmation of this before I deposit money on Manison.

      I think I will eventually also become more active on forum, but for now I did`t have so much time and I also did`t play poker so much.
      I use Poker tracker for now, but if I will get enough PS point to get license for PokerStrategy Elephant I would really like to try it out.

      This is all for now.
      I really would like to thank you again for all your help and kindness!

      In anticipation of your response I wish you

      best regards and Merry Christmas,