A six years member here...

    • Gerardus
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      Though I have been a member of Pokerstrategy here for six years, I rarely come here in the English corner. As in the Dutch corner the community is more dead than alive now, I plan to continue my contributions and blog here. I think that I will learn here more, deeper and more complex pokerstrategy than in the death Dutch corner now.

      At the moment, I play mainly at Zoom fullring and I do it well up to NL25. I hope that I can also play shorthanded poker very well on one day (at the moment I can slightly beat Zoom SH NL5). But, first I have to focuss to improve my fullring game. There is still a lot of area for improvements!

      The coming week I will open my blog here.

      By the way... I am a big fan of Ed Miller's books and his motto is also the mine:

      Don’t Play No-Limit Hold’em Like It’s A Slot Machine!

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