I have to change sites for legal reasons, and I'm finding it pretty hard understanding each VIP system, I'm old and I really liked my 27%rkb or 32%rkb systems easy and to the point :) . But I'm willing to get VIP systems a chance to... but I like to know exactly what I'm going to get and project my expectations for the few months ahead, so:
Can some one explain NetBet pokers VIP system to me?
I played around 50-60k hands/month at pkr and I play short handed NLH. I'm going to play NL25$ or NL20e whatever they offer..
Ow and I need help with the bonus to...I understand it's around 27% effective rkb, is that in addition to the vip system, right?
And how do the vip levels work, if I reach Dimond level one month, do I get to keep it the next month? etc...
ty in advance! :f_love: