Working on getting my red line up

    • Gawdless73
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      So due to time constraints I have found myself playing cash games much more frequently. I am doing not too bad even though I have issues I need to work on with my game. Been playing at 888 mostly as after playing a few sites I find it softest and am up about $17 playing NL2 over only about 3K hands. The one area looking at my graphs and reports that concerns me is how low my red line runs consistently below my green/blue lines. As it stands my red line constantly runs under 0.
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    • la55i
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      Are you defending your blinds? Defending them aggressively might help you to get your red line up. There is a video series from w34z3l called red line rampage, it is for gold members, but once you get a status upgrade you should check it out. Eventually I don't think red line matters so much when you are playing at NL2 and just starting out. What matters the most is your green line. I suggest you play 30k more hands and then look at your graph again. 3k hands is veeery small sample. :)