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    • iphone1
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      I am a mac user trying to download the pokerstars software using your link. However, your link is to the EXE file which i am not compatable with. How am i still able to sign up for the site and still receive bonuses from your site?
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello iphone1,

      This is a good question, which I'm actually going to question our support about.

      Before I come back with an answer: The first an most sure-fire solution would be to actually download the software and to create the account on a PC using our download link. After the account has been created and thus tracked correctly you could simply play using the software on your MAC (important is how the account was created). Just be sure to enter the correct marketing codes etc.

      I am not sure whether downloading the MAC software and entering the correct marketing codes is sufficient - but will consult our support.

      Best regards