Problems Making Withdrawal (Asia)

    • elhh82
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      Hey anyone else from Asia here? Just want to check what options do you use for withdrawal?

      I just checked with click2pay about their debit card and they are no longer issuing cards to customers from my country (Malaysia). It seems like the only option i have is a cheque which sucks, since its soooooooooooo slow and costs a bomb to clear.
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    • nafar84
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      Hi, not from Asia but I'm also from a country that's prohibited to deal with online casinos by Neteller, Moneybookers etc...

      Basically, I can transfer the funds to my Moneybookers account (not directly of course, but via one of those poker transfer sites like then I can either send it to a friend who has a credit card in exchange for cash, or I can keep the money solely for online transactions... like buying software, music, books via amazon or who knows.. the stock market or something :D

      If all else fails I have to resort to the check option as well.