Quiz of the Week: NL - Pocket Pairs and Sets

    • vhallee
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      Pocket pairs are interesting: big pocket pairs are usually good news, while the small ones are quite tricky. Playing hands like AA or KK might not be too difficult - both preflop and postflop - but medium or small pocket pairs are definitely something you need to be careful with.

      Do you know how to play small pocket pairs? Do you know against which players you should play them? Do you know when it is time to simply drop them and prevent big losses? If so, don't hesitate and click on the link below to take the quiz:

      Also, feedback is definitely appreciated. Discuss about the quiz here and tell us:
      - how was the quiz overall?
      - what was your score?
      - would you have done something differently?
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    • TribunCaesar
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      20 out of 21 - I call with 22

      Nice quiz
    • NRGBlaze
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      got my mistakes in two situations
      -the 22 raise from UTG (dont like that - in most of the cases that I try something like this I get re-raised)
      -the 55 on the drawy flop and turn (I guess I have to work on that)
      great quiz!
    • gape0000
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      You achieved a total of 19 out of 21 possible points. This corresponds to 90 %!

      Easy ;)

      Still prefer FL :P
    • kukkiwonBG
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      20 out of 21 X(

      I did not like this explanation: "Even though we might not like it, a fold is the safest choice, with the least amount of variance."
      The idea is not to have the least variance. Is to win most money. The variance will even up in time...
    • NiekamNeidomu
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      Question 2.2 took to small amount to raise T_T = 0 xD
      Question 3.3. i was like thinking on that one alot.. xD and took 3-bet to $42.00 and fold to a shove (-3 Points) oh well maybe im a bit overagresive ;/
      it was good xD althought i would protect my hand in 2.3 question to not put my self in such spot :(
    • Ramble
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      I got 16/21...2 questions wrong.

      After reviewing the explanations, the only question I'm still not sure about is the first one. I said limp with 22, instead of raising. This is as per the SHC (Starting Hand Chart) in the beginner's (Basic/Bronze) section. Maybe this changes in higher levels of play???

      As a new member, I'm curious about these quizzes. How are they generated, how are the answers generated, who are they directed at... (I realize they are posted in the NL Strategy - Bronze section, but does it matter if it is cash game, SnG, MTT, etc???) It might be good to preface that info at the start of every quiz.

    • DenneM
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      You achieved a total of 16 out of 21 possible points. This corresponds to 76 %!