SSS on tables with 6 players

    • Alan883
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      I am playing on Pacific poker and there is not a lot of tables with 10 players.

      Is there any rules or charts for playing short stack on tables with 6 players?

      Thank you in advance.
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    • hunt32
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      There is a strategy for shortstack 6-max, but it is not suggested by since you can't find it in articles, also it is completely different then SSS, which is full ring strategy only.
    • SoyCD
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      Hello Alan883,

      As hunt32 already stated there is a 6-max strategy, but it is quite advanced and certainly not for beginners. It is a lot looser and incorporates many advanced principles into play.

      Due to its extremely high variance I would not recommend it. If you have problems with SSS on Pacific try playing either FL or SNGs until you the proper bankroll to start playing with a Full Stack.

      Best regards