BR Challenge From $60 to $1K

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      Hello poker community,

      i am going to opt in for the Bankroll challenge because of the motivation issue, so that is why i start this blog, i will keep updating and hope to see the progress trought this blog :s_drink:

      i am playing DoN with a second $10 bankroll from pokerstrategy, and now i have a $60 BR to start the challenge playing $2 DoN or less because of the trafic

      I will be doing the following tankroll management playin 6-9 tables at time

      :diamond: Play $1 - $2 at $60
      :diamond: Move Up to $5 at $125BR (1 shot with 10BI)
      :diamond: Move up to $10 at $250BR (1 shot with 15BI)
      :diamond: Move up to $20 at $500BR (1shot with 15BI)
      :diamond: Move up to $30 at $750BR (1shot with 15BI)

      My starting bankroll is $60
      My goal is $1000

      and for that i set some specific goals to get the challenge (i will post it later)

      Shuffle up and deal!
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