Jivaro, Pokertracker 4 and hotkey option on Pokerstars together?

    • StVatle
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      Can not use hotkeys on pokerstars when I am running Pokertracker 4, only if I run it as administrator. But can not run jivaro when pokerstars is running as administrator.

      Somebody got some tips for a setup that works?
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    • HitThe1Out
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      Try to run them all as administrator, Jivaro too. That should work.
    • 8runo
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      I've been trying the Jivaro Premium that was on offer this weekend, in conjunction with HM2 - and have had a substantial number of crashes of the Pokerstars client (I don't recall ever having had Pokerstars crash before)...

      It is rather bizarre that HM2 states that it requires Pokerstars to run as administrator, and Jivaro states that it requires pokerstars to run not as adminstrator. I've found that HM2 will tolerate Pokerstars not running as administrator, but Jivaro wont tolerate Pokerstars not running as administrator ... so I can get by with running Pokerstars as not administrator (don't know if you can do the same on PT4?)

      I had quite high hopes for Jivaro, but it hasn't lived up to them for me, it certainly wont be replacing HM2 for me any time soon. I don't know if its just not being used to Jivaro, or something more fundamental. I get the impression it just doesn't have the depth (which clearly it doesn't) and so you cannot tailor it to your requirements (for me, Spins) - it might be better if you are playing standard tournaments or cash games? Though, for cash games especially, I think it might be a bit simplistic. That simplicity might be especially good for anyone new to HUDS, so maybe Jivaro does have its place, just not for me...