can't get normal working elephant.
had bought new laptop, installed windows xp sp2

then installed separately:
framework 2
postgre 8.3
elephant 0.65

then manually imported all hh files (TitanPoker) that were saved before.

after few munites of importing, elephant doesn't show any hands and shows empty database.
Meanwhile, from "pgAdmin III.exe" I can see, that new tables were added to the new database.

After, tried to reimport.

No result.

Then uninstalled everything concerning Elephant, and installed 0.61 ver.
All steps are the same - and no result again.

Unistalled everything and decided to begin new clear database. Files are autoimporting, but elephant doesn't show any hand and HUD isn't working.

Have no previously backed up database, but still have hh files from august.
As I know, Titan once has changed strusture of it's hh (*.xml) files. Is that mean that I can't use old hh files.

What can I do at all?