[SNG]Making The Dream Come True

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      Hey guys,
      My name is Richard and i decided (yet again) to make a blog(this one is my first one in english tho :D ).
      My story is pretty simple.I started playing poker at the age of 15,because of my friend who got poker set on Christmas.During my career,i have played many different formats,mostly sngs.But here i am,hopefully, for the last time, with a fresh start.

      YAAAY a.k.a Why are we even here?

      Im starting with literally 6BIs on 0.5 9man turbos.My rules here are pretty simple:

      :heart: Try to play focused,not in bad mood/after stressful day (most importat part imo)

      :heart: Try to play at least 30-50 tournaments each day (maybe more on weekends)

      :heart: Work with ICMIZER,study,study,study

      :heart: While considering moving up stakewise(idk if this is a real word :D ) always make sure that at least some sample was played on previous limit ( I dont want to move up withut being sure that i am crushing the current limit)

      The first update will come on friday midnight,I am hoping for a big volume and some dollars :f_love: .If there are some players who would like to add me on skype for studying purposes,leave it here or pm me !

      Good Luck at the tables !:f_drink:
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