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      Hi, I have a question I could use some help with. Two days ago I made a pokerstars account threw your link, did everything I was supposed to, used the pokerstrategy code. After I made my account I deposited 20$ in to my account and I used the FREE20 code. I am pretty sure I am not being tracked by pokerstrategy though, I also dont have the 'ínformation sharing' option when i go to My Account.

      It's not that big of a deal if I'm not being tracked by this site but I was wondering wether this would also mean that I'm not gonna get my FREE20 bonus. I have received a email from Stars saying they have acknowledged my FREE20 first deposit bonus. But when I go to my account all i see is a 'privilege freeroll' ticket, there is no 20$ to be found.

      Thanks a lot with the possible help...
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