Yahoo Finance has published an edited transcript of the Amaya earnings conference call that had taken place on November 10.

Here are some highlights from David Baazov's speech:
R&D [research and development] is an increasing focus for us, as we increase our pipeline of new poker products for launch in the upcoming years. The first, as I mentioned, is a standalone mobile app targeted at casual and social gaming players. Another plan for launch in the future is a new poker variant targeting the large and growing skilled video gaming community. Additionally, we continue to build out our casino and sportsbook offerings.
And I'd say that, in terms of Russia, it's a dialogue that's been going on for quite some time. And I think that they've made a number of comments, as well, themselves. And I think that they see poker as a mind sport, et cetera. And the expectation is that they do regulate and issue licenses, as relates to Russia, in 2016.
The conference is already being discussed in the Russian community.

There's no exact info yet on how the Russian regulation will look like, but rumours are that it will follow the Portuguese model, i.e. to allow play in the international pool but levy an operator tax, likely the income tax on players' net winnings too (at the 13% rate).

It's unlikely to be an issue for Russian regulars who'll be able to just move to Belarus (where Russian citizens are even allowed to work freely), while more Russian recreationals may start flocking to Pokerstars due to the freedom of advertising for licensed gambling sites.