Looking for some help at NL5

    • IgnasKK
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      Hello, guys,

      I wonder is here anyone who could help me with nl5 6-max at PS ?

      I am kinda winning player there, played ~200k hands with 6-10bb/100 wr (very wavy), but I'm still strugling versus regulars and brainless fish players, who's action is dependent on the coin they flip. More exactly, they donk bet the flop 1bb or half the pot (player dependent) and makes a random decision after my raise on the flop: sometimes they fold, sometimes no and because of that I am afraid to raise them as a bluff, but either hate folding and losing kinda big pots (if 3bet pot).

      But it's just a minor problem, cuz overall they pay me a lot.

      I find difficult playing against regulars, who know the game better, but sometimes makes strange calls and catches my bluffs. I know I shouldn't bluff there most of the time, but I don't know what to do when they quite often x/r me, 3bets me pre.

      It would be great if someone could help me more about this, maybe via skype looking some hands I have played or smth. I could even pay some money for it.

      I know I could get a coach, but:
      * it costs too much for me
      * I want nl5 reg player who could show me how he deals with the same players and could tell me more not just because of money as coaches do.

      Also I have a skype chat with some players, who play nl10-50, mtts, on of them creates videos at youtube, other one twitches his game and I could add you for exchange of helping me.

      I know I know: why then don't I ask them for an advice ? Well as I said I want nl5 player(s) to teach me, I think nl5 player would understand me the best.

      So if there anyone, write me a PM with some details about you as a player and don't forget to write your skype. :)

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    • SDK1987
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      Hello IgnasKK

      Welcome on the PokerStrategy forum :welcome:

      First of all I moved your thread to the no limit section. This way cash gamers will find you're thread sooner.

      Maybe it's good to post regularly hands on our Hand discussions for No Limit board. This way you get feedback how you could play a hand better.

      I'm no cash gamer, but I expect the rest of the questions will be answered by some cash gamers.

      Best regards,
    • IgnasKK
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      Thanks for a reply. :)

      I know that hand rewiening is good, but I would really like to check all hands versus certain players, maybe even some theory. Cuz you can check one hand and say that I played bad here and there, because of that and that, but is prehistory of that not important ? I think some regs found my leaks and exploits me a lot by bluffing too much, but sometimes because of this kind of thinking they punish me.

      Well, I hope I will find here some nl5 players who could help.
    • la55i
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      Basically you are looking for a coach but a very cheap one. I would like to get one also. :) But if we are realistic, we will not find one. What you want to have is a database analysis which helps you identify your leaks. w34z3l offers some coachings and DB reviews, you can find more about those here: w34z3l's Cash Game Coaching!

      If you don't want to pay for it, you can post your graph and stats to the forum and then post some of the tricky hands.
    • Aerox232
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      if you want you can add me on skype ugis_add