I cannot stand discrimination from PokerStars guys anymore

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      I loved PokerStars and I created my account there with the only purpose: to play the poker games I love. As soon as I made my first deposit, my account were blocked and an email asking for documents came. I knew it were standard, so no complaint. I were happy to co-operated with any request. After receiving my docs, they were not satisfied yet, asking me to take pics holding those docs next to my face. No problem, I did it. My account was then "reinstated", and I were happy thinking that I had been verified and from that on I just needed to focus on playing. But...

      On my first withdrawal, they kept me waiting and when I emailed them asking about it, they requested me to send in docs again, although that verification were done before. I had no choice but sent again. After 4 days and tons of emails, my cashout was released.

      On my second withdrawal, same thing happened again. They did it as if they never verified my account and it were the first time they requested docs from me. Although I tried to explained I did it before and that I did not want to send docs every time I cashouted, but they seems not want to understand. They even wanted me to send in "another form of ID", besides the photo ID i sent.

      Until now, every cash out made me to wait more than 3 days and I always had to send in tons of emails with them. I also noticed that as soon as I make a withdrawal request, it immediately go in a kind of suspending state which I cannot cancel like other ppl, and have a red note under it that "this transaction require your attention, please contact security@pokerstars.com". And if I emailed them, I would get document request. Same hassles for every withdrawal!

      They even asked me to send in docs when I emailed their support asking about a matter not related to withdrawal category. It is totally weird.

      I also know that they put restrictions on my account, of course they never acknowledged it. I cannot access the sell and buy tournament dollar area. When I emailed them asking abt it, they said they forwarded my email to "relevant team" and then never replied back! @@

      From the moment I singed up on Stars, I have never did anything wrong, but they kept treating me like a criminal. I have been patient with them hoping that after many verification times and after long time my account would get trusted and finally become a "normal" one. But that hope seems never to happen and I cannot stand these guys anymore. They still let me to deposit easily, but it's the only thing they treat me like others.

      I just made a small withdrawal of 18 usd 4 days ago. Here is the email I just sent them:


      What is now, PokerStars? It has been over 3 days and you haven't paid out my withdrawal of only 18 USD.

      Still not enough time to review my account, to check the funds or need me to send in tons of documents again? I'm too familiar with those things since I started playing on your site.

      I really do not understand why you always put my account in a "special category" and treat me as a "special player". I know it for sure simply because my account is not like others' ones. While other account holders usually receive their cashouts within 24 hour frame and they are free to cancel cashouts as they wants, any withdrawal I made were put in alert "red words" status which require security checks and I couldn't cancel and always take more than 3 days and usually needed me to send in documents etc. While others can use all features of their accounts, you put restrictions on mine. For example, I can not access the "sell, buy tournaments dollars" and you ignored it when I emailed asking about this matter.

      From the moment I signed up on your site, I just wished to have an account to play poker for a long time and I have NOT did anything wrong. I can not understand why you can not treat me like a normal customer and why you put this thing of discrimination on my account.

      I am so tired of this. I cannot stand anymore the poker site which can only allow me to make deposits easily and create hassles for withdrawal times. I cannot stand the discrimination anymore. So just close my account if you cannot treat me like the way you treat other normal customers!


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      Well that is weird... It is good that you sent them honest feedback. Let us know what they answered :)
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      Similar issues happend to me with party poker, repeatadle asking for my documents, after each pay out, and needed to wait super long to be approved, even though i did cash out many times before. But i can off course deposit instantly. What to expect from mafia. I think that they do it with a purpuse, so that they can manipualte the money for a longer time, maybe until somebody deposits. I see it now simply as additional "rake" which casino takes, and go with it.
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      Brief us, I find it most interesting what they'll reply.
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      Originally posted by Berezovaya
      Brief us, I find it most interesting what they'll reply.
      They will release the cashout, I'm not worried about it. But they would just ignore other things I mentioned in my email like many times before, I'm sure.
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      welcome to the real world