Dispute over folded big blind - please help

    • asidhu96
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      While spectating two players playing heads up poker I recently spectated this problem.

      Both Player A ( Big Blind) and Player B ( Small Blind) are dealt two cards.

      Player B - Never puts in blind and looks at his cards.

      Player A - (Already has big blind in pot) looks at his cards and folds out of position.

      Player B - Who has not paid the blind and already looked at his cards believes he is entitled to the pot (Player B's Big Blind)

      Should Player A keep his big blind or should Player B get the pot ?

      Is Player B technically sitting out of the game therefore resulting in Player A's mistake going unpunished ?
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    • nsavov
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      Ofcourse player A doesnt get to keep his freaking big blind, his hand is already in the muck. If they get to keep their big blind when they muck before the action gets to them all of the players would exploit it :sifflote: