Non-showdown goes down NL5 6max

    • IgnasKK
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      Hello, as you see from topic - my non showdown wr is negative. I know it is normal to be a little be down, but it eats all my showdown winnings after 30k hands. I wonder what do I do wrong.

      My stats are 24/21/9 F3B 84, 4bet 5, F4B 90, Cbet 61. FCB 47, Cbet turn 33, FCBT 33, Cbet river 52, FCBR 45. Steal 44, fold sb to steal 82, fold bb to steal 76.

      I wonder maybe I play too lose, so I erased some hands from my opening range, neverthless I see that they didn't cause the loses, I make profit from it. From all positions my showdown line goes up or stays around zero, except blinds. I know that losing from blinds is normal, but I don't get it what to do, how to fix it.

      Blinds wr:
      SB - -24bb/100
      BB - -46bb/100

      Any ideas? questions to help me? would be very grateful.

      Adding my graph:

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    • la55i
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      Your blue line looks good but your red line is the problem. Imo you are not playing too loose but you might be playing too passively. I see your fold to 3bet and fold to steal stats are too high. Villain will have auto-profit situation here, meaning he can 3bet or steal 100% of his hands versus you profitably. Your BB winrate is a bit high but SB winrate around normal. I think it would be good to find some material about blind defenses and how to improve your red line. Check out w43z3l's walkthrough and red line rampage video series.
    • SPeedFANat1c
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      I am myself strugling at NL5 zoom.

      The question is - are NL5 players exploiting this high f3bet stat. Some definitely are, but I guess it really depends on player, so I guess 4bet or call need only vs particular players.

      My f3bet after raise is 59 %. Maybe even to loose I defend :)

      DId filtering how I do with 4bets:

      (Raised Preflop Any 2Bet) AND (Raised Preflop Any 4Bet)

      And I am up 1 stack over 85 hands, so my 4bets should be not terible. Raise and 4bet preflop is 18.76%. But maybe should be bigger winnnigs there.

      2bet PF and call 3bet is 22.61 %.

      When calling preflop 3bet - I am down 22$ over 117 hands. Not nice.

      Your cbet turn stat looks low, some players should be floating.
      My flop cbet is 53 and turn cbet is 52. I am not sure which is the best for this limit on the turn. Maybe I bluff them too much.

      Filtering "Bet Turn Continuation Bet" I am up 44$ over 137 hands, 642 bb/100.
    • bonecore
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      if u have hard time to beat the limit then it's not because of RED line... it's because of postflop and maybe some preflop.

      From the stats u gave , i dont understand much...

      you 3bet 9% ?
      that seems bad unless you have a postflop skill compared to a nl50 player...
      it could be that you 3bet trash hands and check/fold them...
      If that is the case, i suggest you 3bet a merged range in future and see how it goes.
    • IgnasKK
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      Hey, guys,
      thanks for replies.

      About my fold to 3bet - yeah, I thought about that. Some of them really 3bet too much, I think I will start to 4bet as bluff a lil bit.
      About my 3bet - most of it is from blinds or versus very bad players who call with worse hands or with suited connectors versus regulars, who fold a lot (like me lol). I always cbet after 3bet and I make 188bb/100 (84bb/100 non showdown) after 3bet, but I lose after cbeting after it -19bb/100. Should I stop cbeting after 3bet as a bluff ?

      Cbet turn wr: 993bb/100

      I wonder, what my opening range should be from all positions ?
    • vonki
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      Start 4bet bluffing more for sure - a lot of people learn how to start 3bet bluffing but haven't yet worked on what to do when you get 4b - so a lot of them will fold.

      Also stop 3betting light vs people who have a tendency to 4b a bit. Your fold to 4b stat is insanely high, so definitely an area you should work on.

      Your fold to 3b is also very high and obv needs to be adressed. Check out some videos on the topic and don't try to fix everything at once. One good start to lowering your fold to 3b is to open a bit tighter when you know there is one or more players behind you who'll 3b a lot (since I guess you're not super comfortable defending wider, this is a good first step).

    • IgnasKK
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      Thanks for the reply and suggestions. :)