8K ppl freeroll,Party poker

    • Deflowerer
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      I played out of boredom and won.
      It's a pocket change money but I'm damn proud to win a 8K ppl donkament :D

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    • LPLDS
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      good job
    • sabo999
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      How Much Did u Cash ??

      with 8K ppl it must ave been an ok amount??
    • Paznecht
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      cg ;)

      and as you said...donkament...its the right word...once i was also in a party poker freeroll, got to the final table, last six people left, ~ second-third in chips. I was on BB, picked up Jc3c (maybe not 3, but simply trash) only one limp before (he had a little more chips than i did, maybe 1-1,5BB more) ... decided to play it since it was free.

      Then the flop came 9c2c6c (or somtehing like that, but there was the 6c), simply i picked up my flush...so i went all-in, the pot was already huge because of the blinds. The other guy instantly called.

      cards were shown. My Jc3c flush against his 64o without any club... kinda was like o.O this at the final table?! ha, bye fishy ...

      so, then turn came...6 giving him still low trips for me

      and river ... i didnt believe what i saw at the moment ... a 4 came

      so he caught his less than 3% possible chance of winning the pot ... so ... once again, agree at all - 100% donkament, unfortunatelly with lucky donks...
    • Deflowerer
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      I won 1 more,lol but I didn't wrote down the number.I think it's 73$ or something.

      Btw I lost 3$ rebuy as 10th with flopping a set of kings.
      Some idiot called my preflop raise with a half of his stack with Q3 suited and busted me on the river.Sometimes I really hate internet poker. X(