What Affects RakeBack

    • Bigant101
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      I currently play on full tilt and wanted to know if these things listed below if they are done would affect my rakeback.

      1. Player to Player Transfer
      2. Purchasing From Full Tilt Store
      3. Withdrawals To My Bank Account

      So when i do these action will my rakeback be affected.

      I think thats all of them but if there is anything else you can think of what will affect my rakeback please let me know.

      Thank you In Advance

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    • LuborC
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      I also play on Full Tilt but I'm still kind of new there so I only know that spending FTPs affects rakeback. And that means not only the store but also tournament buyins and so on.. Somebody here in the forum once mentioned that for every FTP you spend 0.005$ is deducted from your gross rake which seems possible but I have no way to verify this..
      It also seems to me that clearing other bonuses affects rakeback somehow.

      Transfering or withdrawing your winning should have no effect at all as far as I know.
    • SoyCD
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      Hello Bigant101,

      Pretty much anything that produces costs or fees for Full Tilt is usually subtracted from your rake and therefore has an effect on your rakeback. Purchasing from the store or spending your Full Tilt points on tournaments is also subtracted from the rake.

      Additional points include: playing in tournaments in which there is an overlay and playing in freerolls.

      Best regards